On Being, the creative drive and God / by Oliver Ayrton

First of all, let me begin by saying that we are human BEINGS not human "doings". Often the question is asked, what do you do? Being an artist is not about "doing stuff". The experience of being in a creative headspace, trusting one's intuition and slipping into the universal slipstream of creative energy is profound and powerful. 

I believe that creativity is either something you're born with or without. It can't be taught. Techniques can be taught. Formulae and creative strategies can be learned. But true creativity, which is the ability to create something almost magically from nothing, is an innate gift. And it's rare.

For many years I wondered why do I have a creative drive? What is behind the universal, primal drive to create? After many years of searching, I found an almost perfect answer in a book titled Why We Are Born: Remembering Our Purpose through the Akashic Records (Akemi G). Here is an excerpt from her book:

"Whether you are religious or not, deep inside, you remember the perfection of the Source, which some of choose to call God. And we yearn to manifest this greatness that is deep within us, like a hidden jewel waiting to shine. This is what drives musicians to practise their instruments more, even when they sound excellent to average ears.  They are trying to manifest their innermost perfection. Artists attempt to make this hidden greatness visible. Athletes push their physical limits in the same way."

Each of us in an expression of God, an individuated expression of the whole. However, I believe that creative types (artists, musicians, dancers, writers etc.) are more closely aligned with the Source energy than others. They all share the same drive to create great works of art because this "greatness" is the memory of the perfection of the Source.