"Dream the impossible dream..."

I am an artist who lives and works in Canberra, Australia. I am a craftsman who is intrigued by the inherent properties of the materials I use.  I draw inspiration primarily from the great tradition of art, that is to say, figuration. However let's say the universe is my muse, and there is a plethora of themes that inspires me: pop culture, Greek mythology, cosmology, mysticism, architecture and lost civilisations to name but a few. 

The purpose of this website is not merely to share my work. It also acts as a platform to share reflections on contemporary making, insights into creativity and the "way of the artist", and also to connect with other creative souls out there in the wonderful world. 

The artist's road is not the easy road. It's not for the faint of heart or those would be easily deterred. To be an artist is to be a courageous light! So let your light shine. 




There's a wizard in every one of us!

There's a wizard in every one of us!